• Liquitank Drum

    LiquiTank is a high performing waterproofing membrane designed specifically for tanking and underground waterproofing with built in Radon Protection Technology.
  • For Hire for 1 week A simple but powerful radon gas detector. It provides exactly what you need to stay on top of your radon levels – no more, no less. Radon testing has never been easier. This is a revolutionary new digital radon monitor, providing fast and accurate monitoring of the home or workplace. No more waiting for results from laboratory. Just install the batteries and the monitor does the rest. Short or long term readings.
  • All homes should be tested for radon, even new homes as radon barriers that have been installed can prove to be unreliable, due to puncturing, poor sealing etc, and studies have shown that up to be 50% of these barriers may be ineffectual and still allow radon gas ingress into the building. Two detectors are usually used in average sized houses and are placed in the most frequently used rooms; eg: bedroom, sitting room; where they remain for three months to gain an accurate average reading. The detectors are then returned to us to be analysed, and the results will be returned within six-eight weeks. Full instructions are included with the detectors. Our domestic radon test kit consists of:
    • 2 radon detectors which come in a sealed foil bag
    • a full set of instructions on how and where to install the detectors
    • an addressed envelope for the return of the detectors to the laboratory
    • the analysis and the return of the results report to you.