GCPs’ robust waterproofing product offerings provide reliable solutions for all waterproofing designs and conditions, above and below grade. GCP’s products form complete building envelope systems.

Structural and foundation waterproofing, including above- and below-grade waterproofing, is a critically important component of any commercial building structure. Engineers and architects have trusted their industry-leading portfolio of waterproofing brands for more than 50 years.

Below Grade Waterproofing Products
GCP’s below grade waterproofing solutions protect commercial buildings and infrastructure projects in the world’s harshest climates. The Preprufe Waterproofing Membrane System forms a robust, permanent and aggressive adhesive bond with any concrete slab. PREPRUFE® Membrane products are specifically designed to perform in critical applications and incorporate Advanced Bond Technology™ to ensure fully adhered and long-lasting product performance. This technology allows PREPRUFE® Membranes to form a continuous unbroken seal with the concrete for the design life of the project.

Above Grade Waterproofing Products
The Bituthene Waterproofing system is long lasting, versatile and easy to install. BITUTHENE® is available in a number of grades to suit your project needs. Supplied as an easily applied sheet, it can be cold-applied at temperatures as low as 25°F and can be placed on a variety of concrete surfaces. Its robust waterproofing properties, combined with its ease of application, results in a contractor-friendly product that adds value to buildings. Buildings change and settle over time, but BITUTHENE® accommodates those changes.