Regulation 66 of  S. I. 30 of 2019 places a duty on employers in High Radon Areas to test for radon.  In addition, the Reference Level for radon in workplaces is now 300 Bq/m3.  Therefore if the measured radon concentration in a workplace is greater than 300 Bq/m3 remedial action is required to reduce those levels to less than 300 Bq/m3.

Workplace Radon testing follows the same procedures as home testing except that in office situations, each office on ground floor level should have a radon detector placed in it. In larger open plan offices one detector per 200m2 floor area is recommended, and in factory/ warehouse situations, one detector per 400m2 should be used. We provide a supply, installation and extraction service for all types of commercial properties, local authorities, housing associations and government bodies.

Our detectors are analysed at an independant radon testing laboratory. All detectors are bar coded and fully traceable. Independant callibration tests are carried out on a regular basis to ensure control and accuracy of the testing process.

Radon Ireland provides a full consultancy service which will involve a call out to your premises to discuss and assess the best methods of testing and remediation where necessary.