We recommend all householders have their homes tested for Radon.

Your home may still have a Radon high reading even if you do not live in a High Radon Area. Radon levels can differ a lot between buildings, so even if your neighbours have measured for Radon in their homes and the readings were below the National Reference Level, you should also have your home tested. Testing is the only way to find out if the Radon levels are safe in your Home.

Radon Ireland is registered with the EPA for both Domestic and Commercial Radon testing.

Two methods are available to test the Radon Levels in your home:

  • The more common test is the long term 90 day test. Two detectors are usually used in average sized houses and are placed in the most frequently used rooms; eg: bedroom, sitting room; where they remain for three months to gain an accurate average reading. The detectors are then returned to us to be analysed, and the results will be returned within five weeks. Full instructions are included with the detectors. These are available to purchase in our On Line Shop.
  • The second method is the use of a Continuous Radon Monitor. This is a handheld digital monitor for use by homeowners to obtain average radon levels. These moitors tend to be used as an indicator of a potential radon problem and are not intended to replace the three month Radon test. These monitors are available to rent on a weekly basis in our On Line Shop.

Long-term kits are more accurate because they measure radon levels over a longer period of time.
Our detectors are analysed at an independant radon testing laboratory. All detectors are bar coded and fully traceable. Independant callibration tests are carried out on a regular basis to ensure control and accuracy of the testing process.Radon Ireland provides a full consultancy service which will involve a call out to your premises to discuss and assess the best methods of testing and remediation where necessary.