If your house or workplace shows high radon gas levels (> 200 for a home, > 300 for a workplace), Radon Ireland provides a full remedial service to rectify the problem.

As every building is unqiue to some degree, choosing a solution will depend on a number of factors, and will involve a visit to your home or workplace. Factors to consider will include construction type, floor type, radon level, ventilation sources and a number of others. These will determine the remediation method to be used.

The most common method used is to instal a radon sump. A sump is a void created under the floor which is then piped to the outside. If a radon sump is required, it will take approximately a day to install and all the excavation work is normally done from outside the house, with no disruption to the household. Installing a sump simply means removing the equivalent of a bucket full of soil or hard core from underneath the house and attaching a fan onto the pipe work which will link the sump itself to the outside.

Other methods used are:

  • Positive Pressurisation System
  • Improving the Natural ventilation of the building
  • Mechanical ventilation
  •  Liquitank – Liquid Applied Radon Barrier