Newton Waterproofing Systems provide full structural waterproofing solutions for both the refurbishment and new-build arenas to protect the entire structure from water ingress.

Newton provide waterproofing products for all three types of waterproofing as defined within
BS 8102:2009:

  • Type A (barrier) protection – Newton System 100, Newton System 200 and Newton System 400
  • Type B (structurally integral) protection – Newton System 300
  • Type C (drained) protection – Newton System 500

Structural Waterproofing Solutions Include:

  • Newton System 100 – Comprehensive portfolio of liquid applied membranes suitable for the waterproofing of retained structures and both covered and uncovered decks.
  • Newton System 400 – Complete range of preformed waterproofing and drainage membranes for use externally to the structure providing waterproofing solutions for earth retained structures and covered decks.
  • Newton System 500 – Maintainable basement waterproofing solution ideal for new-build basements and refurbishment projects. Comprises four components: Cavity Drain Membranes, Drainage, Pumps and Control Systems.
  • Newton System 900 – Liquid applied primers, reinforcement tapes and surface repair mastics to prepare substrates and construction joints prior to waterproofing liquid membranes.