Building regulations introduced in 1997 state that measures should be taken to protect the building from the ingress of radon gas into the property. This requires a fully sealed membrane of low permeability to be installed over the entire footprint of the building upon construction.

Radon Ireland is a professional installer of Radon Gas Barriers. Gas can enter the building through the smallest gap in the radon barrier, therefore, thorough installation of high quality and fully certified Radon Barrier is essential. Upon completion of installation, a certificate is provided to confirm that the job is completed in accordance with approved guidelines.

The requirement of a radon barrier is to prevent any radon gas entering the property.

The Membrane for Radon Gas will be a proprietary barrier which is preferred to ordinary polythene, as it is normally of a superior quality. In most cases it is reinforced for additional strength and designed for the purpose. Whatever the material or construction, the barrier must cover the whole footprint of the building including any external or internal cavities.

Even small perforations in a barrier can in certain areas result in high levels of radon penetration and the integrity of a perfectly laid barrier can be compromised by subsequent actions so care is required to ensure no damage is done to the barrier after installation.

All Membranes used carry full IAB-CE Certification.

Radon Ireland carries the following membranes as standard:

  • Monarflex RMB400 is a high quality loose-laid reinforced radon barrier membrane that offers high resistance to radon gas and has excellent tensile and tear strength
  • Monarflex RMB350 is a high quality loose-laid radon resisting membrane made from blends of virgin low density polyethylene (LDPE).
  • Monarflex Necoseal is a virgin polyethylene membrane. When used as part of the Necoflex RAM System it provides an effective radon, air-tightness and moisture seal in the foundations of a new building. Necoseal should be used in conjunction with Easi-Load Radon DPC at all masonry wall.
  • Radon Block™ is the new leading high performance radon blocking barrier membrane. When properly installed, Radon Block™ resists gas and moisture migration into the building envelope, providing superior protection from toxic and harmful chemicals.